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JCPenny Customer Service Phone Number


JCPenney Customer Care Number & JCPenney Phone Number

A Few Lines To Know About JCPenney Online Phone Number or JCPenney Online Order Phone Number

  • J. C. Penney Company, Inc. is an American department store chain with the stores in 864 locations in 49 U.S. states, and Puerto Rico.
  • The foundation of JCPenny company has happened on April 14, 1902, by James Cash Penney
    William Henry McManus.
  • This company is headquartered in 6501 Legacy Drive, Plano, Texas, U.S.
  • Along with selling conventional merchandise, J. C. Penney stores house several leased departments like Sephora, Seattle’s Best Coffee, portrait studios, salons, auto centers, optical centers, and jewelry repair.
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JCPenney Customer Service Number

JCPenney 800 Phone Number – JCPenney Online Shopping Phone Number

JCPenney Corporate Phone Number Customer Service
JCPenney rewards customer service phone number 1-800-322-1189
JCPenney credit phone number 1 800-542-0800
JCPenney Sephora phone number 1 855-808-0330
JCPenney furniture phone number 1 800-527-4438
JCPenney appliances customer service 1 855-808-7632
JCPenney gift card balance phone number 1 844-527-2775
JCPenney portraits customer service phone number

How To Contact JCPenney Customer Service Telephone Number

  • Thanks for calling JCPenney credit card customer service number. I’m an automated assistant. Please select and speak one of the following options.
  • JCPenney com phone number
  • JCPenney credit card payment phone number
  • For JCPenney rewards customer service
  • For JCPenney furniture delivery phone number
  • or other
  • Please Say your choice now.
    • Other.
    • Please be on the line, while I redirect you to a JCPenney customer service specialist. And also remember that this call is going to be monitored or recorded for quality assurance.
    • Thanks for calling JCPenney online customer service phone number. We would appreciate your JCPenney com customer service feedback about the JCPenney portraits customer service number we provided today. After your call is completed, an automated JCPenney credit card customer care survey will call you back within 15 minutes. Press “1”, to participate otherwise stay on the line. A JCPenney credit card customer service telephone number agent will be with you shortly. Your call is important to us so your call is put on the hold for few seconds.

JCPenney Order Phone Number – JCPenney Customer Phone Number

Therefore contact the JCPenney credit card services customer service in order to clear all your queries within a less time by the JCPenney credit card customer care number representative. Also, know more at regarding the customer care numbers ore toll-free numbers of US-based and international companies.

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